Cuban El Fuego

The traditional Cuban sandwich is popular in Florida and many restaurants say they have the perfect sandwich. At Crafty Bastard’s, we take pride in our Cuban sandwich and feel that it is noteworthy as one of the perfected Cubanos in North Central Florida. We took our traditional Cuban sandwich a step further, and we can say we have the hottest Cuban sandwich around. Here’s why. It is similar to out classic Cuban sandwich that comes with our tender mojo marinated pork, sliced ham and then nicely pressed between fresh Cuban bread. The El Fuego sandwich has some add-ons that give it a kick of heat and a spicy twist. It has a layer of melted pepper jack cheese, a drizzle of Sriracha aioli sauce, and a whole chopped up jalapeno pepper. When the sandwich is on your way to the table, you can smell the spice before it lands in front of you. The dish comes with crispy french fries. The special is on the menu for about two weeks, so get one before it is gone.

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