On Tap

(P-Pint, S-Snifter, T-tulip, I-Imperial Pint,
F-Framboise, W-Weizen, C-Chalice)
Brown Ale/Bocks
 First Magnitude Drift (G’ville, FL. ABV 4.4%) 7P
IPA (India Pale Ale)
Swamp Head Big Nose (G’ville, FL. ABV 7.5%) 7P
Bell’s Two Hearted (Kalamazoo, MI. ABV 7%) 6P
First Magnitude URSA (G’ville, FL. ABV 7.1%) 7P
Heavy Seas Tropicannon (Halethorpe, MD ABV 7.25%) 6P
Cigar City Jai Alai (Tampa, FL. ABV 7.5%) 6.5P
Parish Dr. Juice NEIPA (Broussard, LA. ABV 6%) 6S
Stone IPA (Escondido, CA. ABV 6.9%) 6P
Motorworks Pulp Friction (Bradenton, FL. ABV 6.3%) 7P
Stone Hazy (Escondido, CA. ABV 6.7%) 6S
Sun King GFJ (Indianapolis, IN. ABV 7.5%) 6S
Double/Imperial IPA
Sixpoint Resin (Brooklyn, NY. ABV 9.1%) 5Snifter 8Pint
Collective Arts Radio The Mothership (Ontario, Canada ABV 8.5%) 9S
Sixpoint Screamsickle (Brooklyn, NY. ABV 8%) 7S
Pale Ale
First Magnitude 72 (G’ville, FL. ABV 5.5%) 7P
Stella Artois (Leuven, Belgium ABV 5%) 6C
Bavik Super Pils (Bavikhove, Belgium ABV 5.2%) 6N
Lindemans Framboise (Vlezenbeek, Belgium. ABV 2.5%) 7F
DuClaw Strawberry Letter 23 (Baltimore, MD. ABV 7.1%) 7P
DuClaw Sour Me Rose (Baltimore, MD. ABV 5.5%) 7.5S
Urban Artifacts The Gadget (Cincinnati, OH. ABV 8%) 8.5S
Swamp Head Florida Slush (G’ville, FL. ABV 7%) 9S
Swamp Head Sun Showers (G’ville, FL. ABV 4.5%) 6.5S
Halpatter Wildberry Id Crisis (Lake City, FL. ABV 5.3%) 9S
Amber/Red Ale
Yuengling Traditional Lager (Pottsville, PA. ABV 4.5%) 3.5P
Abita Amber (Covington, LA. ABV 4.5%) 6P
Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat (Eureka, CA. ABV 5.5%) 6P
Weihenstephan Hefe Weissbier (Germany. ABV 5.4%) 6.5W
Nitro Guinness Draught (Dublin, Ire. ABV 4.2%) 7I
Swamp Head Midnight Oil (G’ville, FL. ABV 5%) 7P
Nitro North Coast Old Rasputin (Ft. Bragg, CA. ABV 9%) 4.5S
Infinite Ale Into The Dark Roast (Ocala, FL. ABV 9%) 9S
Left Hand French Toast (Longmont, CO. ABV 6%) 9S
GF Angry Orchard Crisp Apple (Walden, NY. ABV 5%) 6P
GF Original Sin Black Widow (New York, NY. ABV 6%) 7P
GF Cider Boys First Press (Stevens Point, WI. ABV 5%) 6P
GF Blakes Triple Jam (Armada, MI. ABV 6.5%) 6P
Bud Light (St. Louis, MO. ABV 4.2%) 3.5P
Michelob Ultra (St. Louis, MO. ABV 4.2%) 4P
Coors Light (Golden, CO. ABV 4.2%) 3.5P
Miller Lite (Milwaukee, WI. ABV 4.17%) 3.5
Weihenstephan Original (Freising, Germany. ABV 5.1%) 6.5W
St. Bernardus Abt 12 (Watou, Belgium ABV 10%) 8S
Infinite West Floridian (Ocala, FL. ABV 10.9%) 5S
Victory Golden Monkey (Downingtown, PA. ABV 9.5%) 5Snifter 8Pint
Delirium Red (Melle, Belgium ABV 8%) 8S
Strong Ale/Old Ale/Barleywines
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale (Lexington, KY. ABV 8.19%) 5S
Blonde Ales
 First Magnitude Vega (G’ville, FL. ABV 4.9%) 7P
Cypress & Grove Blonde (G’ville, FL. ABV 4.8%) 6P
Stiegl Radler (Salzburg, Austria ABV 2.5%) 8P
Cream Ale
 Swamp Head Wild Night (G’ville, FL. ABV 5.9%) 7
Lexington Kentucky Tangerine Cream Ale (Lexington, KY. ABV 5.5%) 7P

Bottle/Can List

Lager / Pilsner
Budweiser (St. Louis, MO. 5%) 3.25
Corona Extra (Mexico ABV 4.6%) 3.5
Corona Light (Mexico ABV 4.1%) 3.5
Heineken (Amsterdam, Netherlands ABV 5%) 3.5
Pale Ale/ India Pale Ale
Bass Pale Ale (St. Louis, MO. ABV 5%) 3.25
Boddingtons English Pale Ale (England ABV 4.7%) 5.5
Founders All Day IPA (Grand Rapids, MI. ABV 4.7%) 3.5
Red Hook Long Hammer (Portsmouth, NH. ABV 6.2%) 3.5
Low Alcohol Krombacher (Hagener, Ger. ABV 0.3%) 4.5
GF Ace Pineapple Hard Cider (Sebastopol, CA. ABV 5%) 5
GF Original Sin Pear Cider (New York, NY. ABV 4.5%) 4.5
GF Rekorderlig Strawberry Lime (Vimmerby, Sw ABV 4.5%) 5.5
Belgian Ales/ Belgian Wit Bier
Delirium Tremons (Melle, Belgium ABV 8.5%) 8.5
Hoegaarden Belgian White (Hoegaaden, Bel. ABV 4.9%) 4
Duchesse De Borgogne (Vichte, Belgium ABV 6%) 10
Specialty Beer
GF White Claw Black Cherry (Chicago, IL. ABV 5%) 3.5
Twisted Tea (Cincinnati, OH. ABV 5%) 3.5
Long Drink Strong (Finland, ABV 8.5%) 8
Spaten Optimator (Munchen, Germany. ABV 7.6%) 4.5

Wine List

Red Wine
Fox Brook Cabernet
Rich and Full Bodied.  6
Trivento Malbec Reserve
Dark Fruit Flavors, Vanilla and Cinnamon. 7/21
Light Horse Pinot Noir
Red Cherry, Cranberry, and Sweet Spices 8/24

White Wine
Fox Brook Chardonnay
 Light Citrus with Semi-Oaky Buttery Finish.   6
Gancia Prosecco
Light and Delicate with a Floral Sweet Finish.  7/21
13 Celsius Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
Hints of Grapefruit, Nectarine and Honeysuckle 7/21
Duetorri Pinot Grigio
Crisp and Dry with Slight Fruit.  6.5/20

House Cocktails
Long Island Ice Tea Traditional 8
Mint Julep Mint, Blended Whiskey 7
Mojito Refreshing White Rum & Mint 7
Lemon Drop Sweet Citrus Martini 7
Bloody Mary Classic Semi-Spicy 8
Old Fashioned Muddled Fruit and Blended Whiskey 7|
Margarita with Salt or Sugar Rim 8
Dry Vodka Martini Up or on the Rocks 8
Cosmopolitan Traditional Martini 7
Gin Martini Up or on the Rocks 8
Southern Tea Blended Whiskey & Sweet Tea 6
Whiskey Sour Blended Whiskey & Lemon 7
Moscow Mule Vodka, Ginger Beer, & Lime 7
Gimlet Gin & Lime 7
Bourbon Mule Blended Whiskey, Ginger, Lime 7

Premium Cocktails
Long Island Ice Tea 10
Mint Julep Four Roses 9
Mojito Mount Gay 9
Lemon Drop Gunnars 9
Bloody Mary Gunnars 10
Old Fashioned Four Roses 9
Margarita Campo Azul Silver 10
Vodka Martini Gunnars 10
Cosmopolitan Gunnars 9
Gin Martini Uncle Vals Botanical 10
Southern Tea Four Roses 8
Whiskey Sour Four Roses 9
Moscow Mule Gunnars 9
Gimlet Uncle Vals Botanical 9
Bourbon Mule Four Roses 9

Premium Spirits
Mount Gay Rum Eclipse 7
Shipwreck Coconut Rum 7
Shipwreck Lime Rum 7
Shipwreck Mango Rum White Rum 7
Shipwreck Spiced Rum 7
Campo Azul Reposado Gold Tequila 7
Campo Azul Blanco Silver Tequila 7
Cask & Crew Walnut Toffee 7
Cask & Crew Ginger Spice 7
Cask & Crew Orange Roasted 7
Four Roses Bourbon 7
Uncle Vals Peppered Gin 7
Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey 6
Temple Bar Irish Whiskey 9
Jameson Irish Whiskey 9
Marlin & Barrel Smoked Pepper Vodka 7
Tito’s Vodka 8
Russian Standard Vodka 7
Gunnars Vodka 7
Gozio Amaretto 7
Vedrenne Peach Liqueur 7
Vedrenne Raspberry Liqueur 7
Vedrenne Blackberry Liqueur 7
Florida Cane Strawberry Vodka 7

Mix Drafts
Black & Tan Guinness & Pale Ale 6
Black & White Guinness & White Wheat 6
Black Velvet Guinness & Cider 6
Black Death Guinness & Double IPA  7
Gator Bite IPA & Cider 6
Snake Bite Pale Lager & Cider 6
Raspberry Cider Cider & Framboise 7
Cider Sangria Fruit, Red or White Wine, Apple Cider 7
Angry Balls Angry Orchard, Fire Ball 10

Beer Buckets
*5 Beers Each Bucket*
Founders All Day IPA   15
Kona Bucket 15
Mix and Match: Wailua Wheat, Longboard, or Big Wave
Corona Buckets 13.5
Mix and Match: Corona Extra or Corona Light

Choose 4 Draft Beers.   10

(Some Drafts Not Available)

All Alcohol Sales Are Final

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